Look, I was on my way to feed the hummingbirds, and I stopped for a breakfast burrito, and Lord Sheldon… he lunged at the bird, I dropped the burrito, and it landed on a log in the creek. So, I go to reach for it, I lose my balance, and I fall on my shoulder really weird.

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yoooo do you take requests because i hella need them

uhhh ya yo hit me

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+parks and recreation;  +the wall;  +gif;  +1k;  

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+parks and recreation;  +ann and chris;  +gif;  

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+parks and recreation;  +farmers market;  +gif;  

opening this farmers market was one of my greatest achievements as city councillor. it’s good for the economy, it’s good for families, and it’s good for promoting a healthy lifestyle… which pawnee desperately needs.

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